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Feb 23, 2005

The Good Son

VODKAPUNDIT WONDERS how the Lebanese people can so suddenly push this near to freedom, and finds an answer from Daniel Pipes.  In short, the answer is that Syria's a victim of the lame-duck-second-son dictator who is failing to fill his fathers shoes:

[Bashar has] his father's methods, yes, but not his skills. The elder Assad was a tactical genius, even if his rule ultimately failed (he never regained the Golan Heights, never came close to destroying Israel, and rode Syria's economy and culture into the ground). The younger Assad combines strategic blindness with tactical ineptitude.

But here's what I'm wondering: What if Bashar, the second son, intends to dismantle the regime and the only way he can do it is through apparent ineptitude?

Keep in mind I know almost nothing about Bashar except:  1. He was probably ignored as child by his dictator father in favor of his more promising older sibling, 2. Was apparently educated in the democratic West as an ophthalmologist.

It is reasonable to doubt the loyalty such a son might have to a father such as his.  I'm not the only one to think so, because the Free World was hopeful for Syria and Lebanon when Bashar came into power (I couldn't find any linkable articles, but visit your library on-line and search the news for "Bashar" in the middle of June 2000).

I also imagine that Bashar received some friendly advice on his first day on the job:  If you try to dismantle our dictatorship, you will die at the hands of it.

Consequently, a possible strategy for freeing Syria without losing your life might be to ruin relations on both sides of the coin, let the people start demanding freedom, and slyly slip away from the grasp of a 30-year terrorist regime while everything crumbles.  Granted it's a little Jack Bauer-ish, but what else can a forgotten-Westernized-son-turned-dictator do?

UPDATE:  I've continued my Bashar Assad thinking today and assembled another post "The Good Son Part II".

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