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Mar 07, 2005

The Goon Joins The Gaggle

CONGRATULATIONS to FishbowlDC blogger Garrett M. Graff for winning clearance for the daily press conferences at the White House, somewhat officially known as the daily press "gaggle."  No matter what you think about the current administration, you have to give them credit for acknowledging the importance of our newest information network.

Any jealousy towards Graff is quickly doused when you consider this:  Graff's new position is like Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the pulpit on a Sunday mass when the Pope is visiting from Rome, with Catholic-CNN's top crew filming every second.  After about two mistakes, either the MSM or the blogosphere (or both!) will quickly turn FishbowlDC into 95 feces.

The VodkaPundit has some thoughts and advice for him:

I offer my wholehearted congratulations to Garrett – and a stern warning, too.

...While blogs are often looked down upon for not doing enough original reporting, I think it's important - even vital - for bloggers to remain outside the system.

...In terms of power, influence, and prestige, a mid-level, Washington-based MSM guy probably ranks with a mid-level (or higher) Washington bureaucrat. Your most popular MSM television personalities wield more power than any single politician other than the President.

Is it any wonder the MSM considers itself (if only half in jest) to be a part of the government? Because, really, the line between government and media is getting fuzzier every year.

That's where bloggers come in.

...We're outsiders. We're cranks. We aren't caught up in the system. Those are our strengths. As individuals, they can be weaknesses...We know exactly where Power stops and We begin: Right here, at our keyboards.

...The blogger who gets access, is the blogger on the road to irrelevance if he doesn't watch himself.

Garrett, I wish you luck, Man!


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